You Earned This

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Today is the last day of my company’s fiscal year. It is a time to reflect and think back. To remember all the challenges that we overcame. To tell those leaving us “so long”. To tell those retiring you earned this.

Yesterday I worked from home with the full intention to reflect on my year, to assess myself. My goal was to do my self review and gather up my positives and negatives from the year. The goal, of course, is to highlight the wins so that when raise discussions come around, my boss can say you earned this.

The day started with me snuggling the girls after a late feed followed by coffee on the porch. Because my battery died, I left the laptop inside and just enjoyed the cool morning. You earned this.


As I put my things together, I heard the door open. It was Evan, coming to see what I was doing. He snuggled up in my lap and we did some watching of the birds. A later start to my day? You earned this.


My day didn’t go as planned…it never does when you work in support…but I crossed several things off my to do list. When it was time to log off, I made sure to close my IM conversations with “enjoy the weekend” and some “you earned this” kudos.

The evening was spent talking with my mom, some time with the kids at vbs, then ice cream. You earned this.

This weekend is full of plans to rest, breathe, see friends, go on a date, celebrate my dad’s birthday. Enjoy it, I will, telling myself over and over, you earned this.

Now go have a beautiful day. You earned this.

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