XFINITY from Comcast: Helping Busy Parents Have Control

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I’ll admit, sometimes my phone is in my hand at the dinner table or the kids are in front of the TV while I’m trying to “do it all”. With four kids and the way our adulting works these days (one in the door from work as the other one leaves), sometimes we have to resort to technology to help. Because we’re a home full of XFINITY services, I’m confident that we still have control and peace of mind with what’s going on with those devices.

XFINITY Services You NEED to Know About

The team behind Comcast in the Pittsburgh area clued me into their services and I think they are all things you need to know about. These services are going to give you, the parent, control over what is being watched or surfed and when as well as give you peace of mind in your home and on the road. Bonus, if you bundle these services like I have, you can save some $$ in your pocket!


This TV service from Comcast gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. With the voice remote and detailed guides, you really can’t go wrong when looking for your favorite shows or movies. Pair the Common Sense Media ratings (found in the “info” of a series or movie) with Kids Zone and you can be sure your kids (ages 12 and under) are watching appropriate shows.

Arianna loves our cable service so much that she asked if she could share a video with you showing you how the four kids split up their TV watching – a combo of controlling what the twins watch with Kids Zone and being able to use the iPad for the Bigs to watch something a little more grown-up than the Twins’ favorites:


I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial – “Dinnertime with XFINITY”, right? This new way to WiFi is going to change the way we do life as a family – at least in this house. With controls for pausing WiFi, the ability to see how your signal is all around the house, and see who is using the most time, I really think parents are going to get a great insight into their technology usage with this service. Note – to use this, you’ll need to upgrade your home router to one that works with the XFi service. If you don’t have this router, you still have some controls on your tv – for instance, I didn’t know I could see our WiFi password on the TV! We’ll be hiding that one so the kids can’t sneak around us!



This is more than just a security system. The XFINITY Home product brings that control and peace of mind you get with your TV and Internet all through the house. You can control the cameras or alarms right from your TV or an app on your phone. To keep this in your budget, you build on the system as you go, maybe starting with a front door camera then eventually adding devices around the home. (We’d love it to spy on the dogs when they sneak away to cause trouble!) We’ve yet to try this service, but there are definitely great reasons to have it.



This service is brand new to our area and is a way for you to truly save on your wireless mobile plan. It runs on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network and WiFi hotspots around the nation. Plans include unlimited talk and text and you can pay by the Gig or get an unlimited amount of data for just $45 per line. This is a service I’ve yet to personally try, but I’ll tell you – I’m intrigued!



The Pittsburgh area has several XFINITY Stores. I visited the Upper St. Clair Xfinity Store and was able to check out all of these products/services in a bright, clean location. The stores are a convenient place to pay your bill, exchange cable boxes, or learn about the services above.

XFINITY StoreBecause we have all these convenient technology options, adulting and parenting seems a bit more peaceful. And mom, a self-proclaimed non-tv addict, just might have been found cuddled up with the remote a little more than usual lately. If you’d like to find out more about the services listed above, please visit the Comcast website. Prices vary by product/service and depend on features you are looking to add.

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