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Last week, summer decided to make a return to Pittsburgh, and my skin was ill prepared. Thank goodness WRRYFree Skin Care decided to team up with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, Coupon Billie, and myself to help fight hunger this month.

What does that mean? It means I was able to test out the Bast Sensitive Face Wash, my choice for three reasons. One, it is orange-ish, the color of Hunger Action Month. Two, we have sensitive skin around here, if you didn’t know. Three, my skin has always been a pain to keep clear, but last week it was like I stepped back to 1999 and my 16th birthday party, ouch!

First, you should know I love anything that foams. I’ve tried other foamy face washes, but most burn my skin. The great thing about WRRY Free Skin Care products is that they are ‘Clean, Safe, and Effective’. True story. Natural products mean no burning and no worries if ‘lil Miss A decides to wash her face like Mama. Proven by the fact I wasn’t burnt by this face wash!

Second, smell is a big thing for me. While I like to know I am clean, I don’t want to smell like soap. With the Bast Sensitive Face Wash, I smell like a mix of orange and roses.

Finally, I want to be clean and see results. The Bast Sensitive Face Wash left my face feeling “tight” after, meaning it closed up my pores. Greg gave it a try and reported the same. The next morning, I was already seeing results, many of my “spots” weren’t as red or prominent, and just 4 days in, most were gone with no new ones popping up. Need I tell you I am pleased???!??!

There’s more than Face Wash available, this wash is just step one in an entire “Fab Five” Face Line plus (as you know) many other great products from Bast and Climb On! through WRRY Free Skin Care.

And…the facts get even better. As I mentioned, WRRY Free Skin Care is going to help The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project fight hunger this Hunger Action Month. When you make a purchase at http://wrryfreeskincare.com and enter the code tote4pgh, you will get 10% off AND $1 will be donated to the Tote Bag Project. How incredible is that?

As if that wasn’t enough, WRRYFree Skin Care is offering readers of ‘lil Burghers and Coupon Billie a chance to win a Mini Extreme Special. This includes Creme, Lip Tube, and a mini Bar. Awesome products, awesome cause. Enter now through the end of the month. Thanks, WRRY Free!

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Disclaimer: I was given product to review and I loved it, true story. I also personally love WRRY Free Skin Care because they are a local small business with a big heart, a true example of a Hunger Hero. Thanks for your support!

3 thoughts on “WRRYFree Skin Care Fighting #Hunger #Giveaway”

  1. Glad to hear you liked the face wash. I am so afraid to change face soap as I have sensitive skin too, and also rosacea. I love the products they sent me though!

    1. Hey Wen,

      Even folks who have allergies to items find that natural products (without the fillers and impurities) don’t bother them. Our products have been successfully used for Rosacea!

      “Love letter: I was having trouble with my face for the last year and a half to the point that I was using tetracycline daily (for acne) and a prescription gel for rosacea. I have now used the Bast Face Wash, Tonic, and Serum for about two weeks. I love them. I have stopped the prescription gel and antibiotics. And my face is great. Thanks so much,
      K. Hill, Austin, Texas”

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