Wow, Angry Birds Towel!

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My mom seriously is the best shopper I know. She always finds really cool stuff and spoils the kids.

For Easter, the kids got great pillows–a duck and a monkey–that made me jealous. And since the kids are growing up super fast and outgrowing their hooded beach towels (which they’ll need when swimming in Virginia!) and Mr. Evan demands to wrap in a towel for what feels like hours after a bath, she got them new, bigger hooded towels.

Arianna’s princess towel is the perfect shade of pink and a the perfect size. Evan’s is perfect for him. It’s Angry Birds (one of his favorite apps). It’s cuddly like a blanket. It’s black so he won’t see any specs of dirt that might jump on it (he’s super OCD). And even more perfect? It was found in the kids 3-12 section, but it’s massive. He loves this because it means lots of snuggles. And when I say massive, I have to put it in perspective…

IMG_7646 (Copy)

Since the kids won’t let me steal their awesome pillows, maybe I’ll just steal this towel! 😉

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