Wordy Wednesday: Got to Have Faith

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Days 13-15 of 2014 have been a test. Someone definitely knows my word of the year and he is bringing craziness our way.

But thought the crazy, blessings.

I needed brakes on my car and not 20 minutes after I learned this, an opportunity came through to handle the cost. A true lesson in when you don’t know what to say, pray.

Evan has been lightening my load. He tells me randomly and often he loves me.

Arianna has been toting her Bible all over the house.

And Greg is doing. We are just lucky he’s doing at home and not the hospital.

Me? I am breathing, praying, thanking, and trying to stay on top of the lists.

Faith will get us through this, and warmer weather is coming…right?!?!

2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Got to Have Faith”

  1. Hang in there my friend! The Universe gives us what it thinks we can handle so it must know that you’re one strong mama! In between all the craziness it’s definitely nice to focus on the little things that make you smile 🙂

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