Wisdom Teeth

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Kids, some day you will have a pain in your mouth so bad that you won’t want to eat, drink, or sleep. That day will probably the day that we find out you have wisdom teeth. These teeth are not necessary, and most people get them pulled before/when they become a problem.

In May 2004, I was miserable. At first, I thought I had a really bad sinus infection (sorry kids, you probably will suffer from these, too). My whole face hurt. I didn’t want to go to class. I would lay on my dorm bed and cry for hours. A trip to our (awesome) dentist Dr. Mike for a routine cleaning proved that I had severely impacted wisdom teeth! Since they were impacted, he couldn’t remove them in the office.

So, I made one of my first (and surely not last) medical/financial mistakes. After calling oral surgeons that were covered on my dad’s insurance, none of them could see me until August. There was no way I was going through the summer in that pain (I was set to intern at a golf dome and work full-time for a marketing research company all summer). In a rush, I found a doctor who would operate after my last final and have me healed up in time to cover graduation for the yearbook. I ended up paying a ton out of pocket because he was out of network (yes, my parents made me live with my decision, and I am thankful they did because I learned my lesson!), but had all four teeth removed at once.

On the day of the surgery, my mom accompanied me. I remember counting down from 10…9…8…and I was OUT like a light. When I woke up, fully medicated, I felt the pulsar on my finger and looked at it. My finger was glowing red. I started screaming, “ET PHONE HOME! ET PHONE HOME! I AM DYING!!!” and pulled the pulsar off. The nurses came rushing in when they heard me “flat line” and I got a talking to. I fell back asleep for a little bit, but soon it was time to be discharged.

Clearly needing pain medication, my mom took me to get my Rx’s filled at the local Wal-Mart. I demanded to go in with her, but I still didn’t have my complete bearings, so she had me ride around in one of the electric wheelchairs. I acted like I had Terrets–my word of choice was CHOCOLATE which I would shout out to small children as I passed them by. Drool covered my face and shirt, but I had NO idea. All I cared about was getting my RX’s and DVDs that had been released that day (Friends’ Series Finale, Miracle, and Sex and the City Season 6 Part 1).

I was swollen for days, but felt like myself after a good afternoon nap (medicine ALWAYS) works better when you rest. Yes, I made it to graduation and even got to enjoy a pre-graduation night meal of filet mignon.

Embarassing enough, but I am going to share with you a photo of a photo of me post-surgery. Ignore the fact I thought my short haircut was “cute” or that I look like more than a chipmunk and love me still, ok?

Fast forward almost 7 years, and the time has come for G to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Luckily, Dr. Mike was able to perform the extraction because his decided to rear their ugly selves. On Thursday, my dad took Greg to the office (he was feeling pretty good on medicine) and Dr. Mike began his work. During the 2-hour procedure, he also filled cavities and extracted a 3rd tooth. (Sadly for G, he has to return to get the other two wisdom teeth out another visit.)

G texted me when he was done so that I could pick him up and I replied, “Here, do I need to come in?”. “Would you please?”. Oh dear. I figured this couldn’t be good. I walked in to find a very swollen husband who couldn’t talk (mostly thanks to the gauze) who wanted me to hear the Dr.’s orders. We weren’t anywhere near “David Goes to the Dentist”, but my husband was feeling no pain. I get him in the car, and of course I need to run errands (picking up a freebie, getting myself dinner since he couldn’t eat and A was going to be with my parents). We get to my dad to pick up the kids and I can tell he’s in pain, so we head back to the house so he can sleep.

I really wish I could say he gave me some gems to share with you, but he didn’t. As always, he was very calm, cool, and collected, but he did refuse to lie down. Finally, I convinced him to head to bed because the next day he’d be handling Baby Boy by himself while I went to work. Unfortunately for you, I also did not snap a pic of him while he was uber-swollen, but here’s one he sent me during the day on Friday.

Hopefully when you have your wisdom teeth out, you will be as lucky as Dad! 🙂

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  1. I remember getting my wisom teeth removed. I was a senior in highschool. Well, actually, the only part I remember was waking up from the medication and proceeding to vomit from said medication. It was not all “ice cream and jello” as they say.

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