Twin Tip Tuesday: Win the Parent Game

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If you have twins, it’s no joke, you’re going to feel outnumbered as parents. It doesn’t matter if you have your twins first, last, or somewhere in between the other kids. There is almost undoubtedly a time when you are going to feel like you can’t do it all (like you need to as a mom or dad of multiples). But you can. Because you, yes YOU are going to vow right now to win the parent game.

Don’t have twins? This advice applies to YOU, too. 

Parents, we need to stop thinking that the romance leaves the room when that newborn baby cry first hits the air. I fell deeply, madly in love with Greg when he gave me first kisses following the birth of all four of our kids. The kisses were simple kisses on the cheek, but they kinda became our thing, our “foot pop” if you will. We refused to let the romance and dating to end when we got home from the hospital. Our parents are huge blessings because they support this, too. (My parents go on a weekly date to this day, 33 years of marriage and counting.)

We won’t let the romancing each other stop, even if the reality is that parents of multiples are highly likely to have them again. There’s stuff for that, ya know? (Kids, you’ll learn more about this later in life, mmm, k?) We won’t let it stop because we vowed to love each other through better or through worse. So look your  partner in the eye and tell them now, you’re going to win at the parent game when it comes to your relationship with each other. Bottom line? Your love is what wins and keeps your family together.

On a “date” in NYC!
Took the girls to the set of our favorite TV show for a date!

Once you’ve decided to keep wooing and wowing each other, all the other parts and pieces of the parent game will come together. And when you aren’t stepping on these parts and pieces because they are all neatly put together in their game boxes, it’s a heck of a lot easier.

Parents of twins, it’s important to understand that you have to be a team from here out. Dressing the babies. Feeding the babies. Swapping babies in between mom’s shampoo and conditioner in the shower (who’s with me?). Changing diapers. Feeding the babies. Wiping up barf and spit. Feeding the babies. Changing diapers.

You get my drift and will win at the parent game when you decide to throw all advice (heck, even mine) out the window and be the best. Together. Together, you win the parent game because you are parenting your way. And that? That’s winning.


I’d be rude to say that being a parent team is the only way to be. Did you know I was a single mom for three months before Greg and I started dating? Ari was 9 months when we got married. But I had an incredible parent team then, too. It was a combination of my parents and my roommate (Aunt Mallory) and Grannie Walker helping Arianna and I win at the parent game. Thank you, single parents, for the way you figure this parent game out, too! xoxo

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