Whine a Bit

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…you’ll feel better.

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Or, if it’s your thing, wine a bit. Either way.

One of the top complaints I have as a parent is about my kids whining. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do it often, but when they do? Oh my good gravy.

Tonight, the whining following a tripped over each other’s feet incident at the track lasted approximately 8.3 minutes and included me cuddling Evan like a baby, sharing my post-run protein bar, and handing off my (much needed) water to the kids as efforts to stop the whining.

And with one mention of “I can’t take any more, let’s grab dinner on our way home”, the whining stopped. Just like that.

So I have to think about whining…I do it. I hear other adults do it. Our dogs are doing it right now. And if I listen closely to the kids as they’re watching their last show of the night, there it is again.

Does whining a bit make us feel better, really?

I whined tonight because I got a fried chicken sandwich instead of a grilled one. Whining about it made me feel bad…but not as bad as just shutting up and eating the sandwich would have. So, I guess it worked. Maybe. But it made me feel like a baby, and not a grown adult.

Is it healthy to whine, or should we just keep our feelings inside? I have to think that verbalizing in some way has to be healthier than carrying everything every single day of our lives, no?

So the next time the kids whine about something, I’ll think a ‘lil more about the situation. Are they whining because they are irritated or because they are ready to move on to the next thing? Is telling them to stop whining making them carry unnecessary stress and anger?

And the next time I want to whine? Well, perhaps I’ll opt for the other version. I’ll feel better. Maybe.

One thought on “Whine a Bit”

  1. I wouldn’t say whining is a form of venting and venting is DEFINITELY good for people to get off their chest otherwise keeping it all bottled inside can effect a persons’ health!
    But annoying whining is a completely different story. THAT shouldn’t be done.

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