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Take me back to the 80s! Who else LOVED scratch ‘n sniff stickers and all the things? When I found out about Whiffer Sniffers, I was taken right back to the 80s. These delightful characters are unique additions to your kids’ toy collection and will be ones you won’t mind having around the house.

whiffer sniffers

What is a Whiffer Sniffer? They are collectible toys (currently with three series released) that include backpack clips, a large huggable plush, and scratch ‘n sniff stickers. What’s special about them? They smell amazing (well, most of them, as you’ll see in our video), and hold their smell even after being played with. (Our large plush still has her sweet smell of caramel apple even after Ava’s tried to sink her teeth into it a few times.)

Do they really smell? They sure do! The toys are characters based on their scents. We love Chunky Chuck, who smells like Chocolate Chip Cookies! (yum!) They should keep their scents for about a year.

What do the kids think? Well, check this surprise sniffing and find out!

What’s up with the three series? Each series brings a new scent to your world. As they grow in popularity, the series will get limited availability (like the Series 1 S’mores is out-of-stock!), so you’ll have limited edition collectibles on your hands when you act fast and grab your favorite scent (anyone up for a Series 1 Dilly Yo?).

Where can we learn more and get our own Whiffer Sniffers? Check out their website as well as social media like Twitter and Instagram. You can buy the Whiffer Sniffers right on their website! (I’m hoping to grab up a Series 3 Ken D. Corn – can you guess what he smells like? Or maybe you want to surprise your kids with a MYSTERY PACK and see what happens when they first sniff it – do they get it right? )

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