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BlogHer July NaBloPoMo
BlogHer.com July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Where is your favorite place to connect with friends?

I have a sacred place, do you? My sacred place has always been Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And before any of you Myrtle Manor haters start laughing at me, just listen. (Because I’ll get to where my favorite place is to connect with friends, and it’s related.)

Myrtle Beach is the place where:

  • My best friend Wendy went for her Make-A-Wish trip, a place she and I always talked about visiting…and then I couldn’t go because I was in the musical that was opening at  the same time as that trip.
  • My grandparents lived for 20 years, moving there right after I was born.
  • My mom taught me about family fights and how we really do love each other even if we don’t see eye to eye. I’ll always remember the time that we were in town (without my dad, he was working)  for about a day and then had to leave almost immediately–mom drove all night back to PA, alone and with two kids with sunburns all because she was standing up for something she believes in (GO MOM). Or the time that Dad drove us up and down 17, all the way to North Carolina and down to Litchfield, not one of us talking until one of us (probably Mom) broke and we all cried and apologized…way to be teenagers. Or the time we walked Huntington Beach up and down, again because Jack and I were being bratty teens. Mom’s strength and love for my Dad and our family always showed.
  • My first adult jobs were–Call Center Training Manager, Interior Design Assistant, and Teacher.
  • My finger was broken, my body and brain scarred by someone I thought I was in love with, lessons were learned.
  • My daughter was born, healing my shattered, broken heart.
  • My husband and I met and fell in love.
  • My in-laws live, where they raised the love of my life.
  • My friends and I retreat every year, bringing our busy lives back to moments of sanity.

Now that you’ve let me pour my heart out, it’s time to talk about the place where go to connect, a beach house south of Myrtle in North Litchfield, The Resting Place.

IMG_6320 (Copy)

Come, have a sip of your favorite coffee and see why I love it, and why my friends and I come here year after year to connect with each other, with ourselves, and with the ocean.

IMG_6369 (Copy) IMG_6372 (Copy)


Some of us come to scrapbook or paper craft. I come to take over a closet and set lofty goals for myself. I have to drive because I bring so much stuff, and I bring most of it back (because I spend most of my budget while there on supplies from A.C. Moore and boutique scrap shops).

IMG_6241 (Copy) IMG_6242 (Copy)


There’s amazing food, and we all pitch in. A bottle or two of wine just might be enjoyed, too.

IMG_6362 (Copy)

We’ve picked up yoga. There have always been beach walks and finding souvenirs, or in the case of Chuck a friend we had to send back to the ocean (and then he became my tattoo).

IMG_6384 (Copy) IMG_6385 (Copy)
IMG_6391 (Copy) IMG_6388 (Copy)

This year, we added a painting class, and I got to connect with a dear friend, too.

IMG_6360 (Copy)

I love this place, I love these ladies, and I cannot wait to get back there. September, you cannot come soon enough. (BTW, want to see what we are up to this year? Check out our Pinterest board.)

IMG_6380 (Copy)

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