When You Can’t Sleep, Blog!

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…or, if you didn’t blog and can’t sleep, get up and blog.

….or, pray. As much ad you’ve thought and talked about it, have you prayed about it?

I promised a story about my knee, and since I’ve prayed about it, I’m going to blog about it and widen the circle.

In April, I was running and felt a twist/slip of my left knee. We were at the 2 mile of 2.5 miles, and I wasn’t stopping. That night, intense pain and a feeling of floating surrounded my kneecap. Instead of getting care, I went to work then the zoo. After crying my way through, I went to an urgent care place and was diagnosed with an mcl sprain and knee fluid. Rest. Don’t run. Ice.

I listened and followed the advice. Training for Mud on the Mountain decreased, but I kept it up. Stubborn much?

Fast forward to Monday. I had pain and floating/give, so calling an ortho was on my to do list. My weigh in resulted in -3.2#, but as I turned into my room to dress, my knee went to the right, not left. Hobbling to the bed, I ran into Shadow, pushing forward but catching the fall. Tears. Burning. Slipping. I knew I needed care. It was too early for the clinic, so I opted to ER. Surely it would expedite the process?


4 hours later, I had an xray, a brace, and crutches. No ortho or MRI, but orders to do it. Apparently it was too swollen to determine anything, go home and rest. I intended on working, but pain med induced sleep took over.

Tuesday, I limped into the office and got a call about an appointment, so I limped back out, saw the ortho, then spent two days working at home on the couch. Crutches as needed, ice, rest, brace. I listened.

Thursday I went back to work, but could NOT get comfortable. I pushed through, knowing I had an MRI after.

In the MRI, my knee laid still for 30 minutes and I prayed.

If this doesn’t show anything, I am not sure what I will do. Weight on it hurts. My kneecap wants to give out. I pray it shows the doctor what care I need.

Now tonight I can’t sleep. The pain is keeping me awake, a burning tingle, a slippy feeling. I have to wait until Tuesday for results. A potential torn meniscus, it could mean so many things. My body is ready to heal. I just hope my mind listens this time.


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