What a Boy Wants

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We have learned that when it comes to Evan and his hair, he is in charge. We’ve gone with his direction, what a boy wants.

That’s why he’s had very few haircuts.

His choice. His direction. His hair.

He started growing it as a baby, our baby with the most hair. His first haircut was later than most, and by the time he was four, it was to his rib cage.

The day he asked us to take it to the ears, we took him to Great Clips to get it done. Since then, it’s been trimmed a few times, but the same cut for the past ten months.

Last night he asked me for a mohawk, I knew it meant a trip to the salon today. He meant it.

The day started like this:


We headed to the shop where his daddy gets his haircut, but I kinda knew she’d already closed. I had warned Ev that might happen, and he was okay. He just needed to see she was closed and move on. When we pulled close, he could tell there were no cars at the shop and yelled out, “Jill has gone home, let’s go to Great Clips before I change my mind!”….so south we headed. He was first in line (thanks, online checkin), but still had a second to look at a book. He took choices to the stylist, one on the left and one on the right. He suggested the one on the left because “it has less steps, so won’t be so much to ask”. My boy.

And after two different razor lengths and scissors, lots of hair on the floor…


…our ‘lil man ended up with his haircut! And the best part? He loves it…and it’s exactly what he wants.


He looks so grown up, doesn’t he?

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