We’ve Closed!

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If you’ve been wondering why the past six weeks have been a standstill, well, it’s because we have been waiting in the midway zone of being homeowners.

You know. The time when you sell your house and you have the next one all ready but you just need all the legal stuff to happen and you get your keys.

In a perfect world, that’s the scenario to be in. You don’t have two mortgages and can hopefully save some money while you wait for the next home to be all yours. While I recommend it over the double mortgage dilemma, just settle up and close on the same day as you sell that you buy. Just trust me.

Anyways, we have the keys to our new home and have a few things moved in, including leftovers from a quiet lunch Greg and I got to have together. Tomorrow we clean it up to prep for this weekend’s official move. This is real life.  And it feels amazing.

Bonus! A sneak at Baby E (baby A) and Baby A (baby B)!

2 thoughts on “We’ve Closed!”

  1. Congratulations on your new house Becky! I completely understand how life seems to get put on hold at times; I’m just coming back from several months of poor health and it feels good yet a little weird being back.

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