We Will Ride Again

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Last Tuesday, I spent some time with my brother at the hospital. Jack had been in a motorcycle accident about a week before, causing some internal damage that he didn’t know about until the pain was too much to ignore. By what I believe is a true work of God, he was put into a room with a fellow biker who had also been in an accident (a few years ago).

Without disclosing too much of their personal stories, what I do want to share is that I believe there was a reason they were put together. As we casually talked, so many things came up that made me feel the presence of God’s work in that room. The similarity of the accidents. The injuries. How there was road rash but no damage to clothes, yet torn clothes but no skin injury. He talked about c-section incisions even. And the chilling resemblance he had to other family members who’ve passed.

But the overarching message that I hope my brother heard from his roommate was to take care of himself. To not ignore the little things because life is more important, especially when you are given second chances. To enjoy life, but know there are some limits.

Thankful for This 'lil Moment

As he was discharged, they exchanged a we will ride again. And while I believe it’s completely up to my brother whether or not he gets back on the back, I don’t necessarily believe this exchange was meant to be an “in this life”. It totally could have been a we will ride again, together in Heaven, exchange. Because I really think this man was part of a divine intervention, a witness to what life can bring your way.

I do hope you ride again, Jack. Both here on earth and when you have wide open spaces of Heaven to explore.

These two have many years they want to spend with you!

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