We Don’t Have a Home

Last week we were in Disney. At the end of a ride, a Cast Member mentioned something about “when you go home, don’t forget the magic here”. Arianna turned to me and said, “But Mama! We don’t have a home anymore!” Turn on the sad face.

It’s finally official, our first home is sold and we are in transition before moving into our next home. This is a really weird place to be. Arianna is starting a new school tomorrow for just a few weeks. Evan may or may not start in his new Head Start program (because it’s in our new town and doesn’t exactly fit our schedule). And soon, Rowdy and Shadow will be hanging with Unca Jack. Me? I’m commuting to stay near work a few days then working at home others. Somehow, Greg is trying to keep all this straight.

But, it’s a good feeling not having to worry about selling our house. Huge thanks to our Realtor for making this a reality!

Source: John Marzullo – Realtor (Facebook)

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