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Disclosure: As part of Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards Program influencer preview group, our family was selected to be highlighted for a #YESMoment. We received products with no obligation to formally share the details of the day; however, my opinions are my own and I am choosing to share information with you. Thank you, Kohl’s for these #YESMoment Memories.


There are going to be memories that stick with you forever.

Memories that do not require looking back to a scrapbook, blog, or the “On This Day” app.

These memories are going to forever be known in our family as #YESMoment Memories, and thanks to Kohl’s, we have an amazing one surrounding Father’s Day this year.

What is a #YESMoment?  The folks at Kohl’s implemented a new loyalty program in October. Yes2You Rewards is a way for them to create #YESMoment (s) in their customers’ lives. It starts simply with hassle-free shopping plus a point system that rewards in cash for shopping at their store. But…there are surprises along the way.

Surprises like the #YESMoment that we are always going to remember.

I was having a crazy day. Greg was at work and I was OVER Maternity Leave. I needed to be packing for our trip to Nurin’s wedding. The big kids were helping me take some photos of Ava and Isla for their two-minute milestone memory. My phone rang in the midst of hundreds of camera flashes.

It was Kohl’s, and they wanted to tell me they were inspired by our family (thanks to my participation in a Facebook preview group for their Yes2You Rewards Program). Most specifically, they were inspired by Greg.

A night or two before, we were talking about what the dad in our lives does to put a smile on our faces. I shared that Greg, the primary caregiver for our children, heads to work in the evenings (to help bring home bacon…cause we eat a lot of it around here) but that when he gets home, his first stops are to kiss the twins then sneak into the big kids’ rooms for songs, prayers, and snuggles. They miss him so much while he is at work, so this is their nightly #YESMoment.

This story touched the hearts of the Kohl’s team so much that they wanted to fly here and meet our family plus surprise Greg for Father’s Day. We chatted about our summer goals (getting Arianna to ride a bike without her training wheels), our town, how we love the outdoors, and how we spend time as a family. Next thing I knew, I was secretively emailing and talking with the team about setup details (during our trip to SC).

While on our ride home, I couldn’t take the suspense anymore and got clearance to tell Greg that they were coming (with a camera crew) to talk to our family and take me and the kids shopping one night. He agreed it could be cool, and I kept the real truth (they wanted to throw him a party and give him gifts for Father’s Day) a big secret.

A few days later, a camera crew and the Kohl’s team set up in our house. They interviewed Greg and I, then after he went to work, took me and the big kids to Kohl’s to shop for gifts. The kids wanted to camp with Daddy, so they picked a tent and camping supplies.

The next morning, they were back to film routines (Greg wasn’t at all suspicious that they were filming HIS routines with the kids — feeding the dogs, feeding the girls, helping the kids get dressed/ready for a walk all while I sat back and enjoyed a breakfast with some adult time vs scarfing it down on the road.) We went for a walk, and when we came back, Kohl’s had transformed our backyard into a party and surprised Greg (to the point of tears) to tell him this #YESMoment was about him being such a great Dad.

We enjoyed gifts, a picnic, bubbles, and capped the day off with a HUGE surprise that I didn’t even know about — bikes for the four of us that can ride. It was simply amazing…and because I have all the feels about it, it’s probably best to just let you watch the video (again if you already have) to see what this meant to Greg (and our family).

Needless to say, we were floored by the whole experience. A company that goes out of its way to recognize the families that stand behind them is a company we want to do business with. Not just because of this surprise, but because it is clear that they care even about the little moments and want to make every moment a YES. Thank you, Kohl’s, for making this #YESMoment a memory we will never forget.

The kids made him a Clemson colored card
They transformed our yard, highlighting memories!
They had no idea, but this was our wedding food!

We will be sharing more #YESMoment Memories over on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How will YOU be celebrating a #YESMoment Memory with the dad in your life this year?

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