Wanna Grow Old With You

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We just got home from an entertaining night with my parents and Aunt and Uncle at Grandma’s. Most of the evening was spent as such: Dad, Uncle, and the kids enjoyed the “playground” until their ears were too cold to stand it anymore (hello, fall!). Mom, Aunt, Greg, Grandma, and I shared stories about my family’s growing up.

The stories were a hodge podge of everything. We talked about getting back on a boat, lighting a couch on fire, and finding a skull in the woods. There were recollections of weighing 119 pounds (hint, that was not me, maybe in 4th grade?), almost falling into a fire (me), and ditching the family camping trip to the Finger Lakes to hit up Pymatuming “because the boys there were hot” (Mom and Aunt). We talked about some of the crazy things that happened to us at churches, visits at all of our various houses (Aunt/Uncle are Army, we are Pastor’s Family, so lots of moving), and survival camp (Richie, you must share your side of this).

The evening was fun, and I think it bonded us all a bit more. Greg, I wanna grow old with you and be able to share these fun family stories with our kids and their kids some day. What do you say?

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