Waking a sleeping baby…

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…is like a mortal sin. Seriously, when a child is sleeping, they look so precious, so innocent. Above is Evan, my lil man who has me completely wrapped around his finger. I don’t even want to move to get up and read with Arianna after her shower (but I will bc I LOVE that she loves reading). Instead, I want to stay here, staring away at him.

The other night, we stayed at my aunts due to a gas smell in the town’s waste system (way to fail us Pittsburgh potty). I had the pleasure of seeing Ari sleep bc she stayed on a couch. At one point, she had her shirt pulled over her belly just so that she looked like “I Dream of Jeannie”, but with short hair and Disney princesses on her pink jammies. 🙂 Another sleepy moment I will never forget, for sure!

Ok, so I am biased, but I think our kids are the most adorable sleepers ever!

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