Waking a Sleeping Baby

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A little while ago, I came home from a PodCamp Pittsburgh organizers meeting (preceded by a long day of work). Most sane people would have chosen to pop a squat on the couch or flop into bed.

I, however, chose to wake a sleeping baby. This Mama has her reasons. I didn’t get to see him all day. I have only fed him once today. Not waking him meant having to clean my pump not once but twice AND fight it (as it is dying a valiant death at a ripe 7 months old) to get me a measly 2-3 ounces. Yes, dear friends, for selfish reasons, this Mama chose to wake a sleeping baby.

Gotta tell you, this (no longer) sleeping baby sure was confused, but he is cuddly, clingy, and quite the dose of love one needs after a long day. The room is cool, yet his head of hair is damp with baby sweat. His eyes, while confused as to why he only slept a few hours, are glued to my face. And his feet give happy little kicks of joy every so often.

In a few hours, I will probably tell you I was not so wise to play a selfish card get to snooze while Mr. Burgher takes the punishment for waking a sleeping baby, but right now? These extra moments are all worth it.

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