Wait, It’s Not Thursday???

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Guys. No one called me out with yesterday’s post title. It was not a Wednesday, but I was needed a quick title. ready for rest that I just needed a quick title. No, it wasn’t a scheduling fail, it was a legit mistake. You guys didn’t call me out, and I thank you for respecting my fragile, sick state. Love.

Sometimes us bloggers make mistakes. Sometimes us moms and dads make mistakes. It happens. I constantly try to call this out to my kids so they are not disappointed when they do make mistakes or have accidents. I think this is something we have to do.

In celebration of my mistake yesterday, I’d like to share three of the classic mistakes I’ve made in my life. Enjoy!

  • Wearing two different tennis shoes to school my senior year…then realizing it on the morning (live stream video) announcements.
  • Falling off a rolling chair in Journalism.
  • Talking about the play director at church after a rehearsal…while still miced up.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sharing Some Joy with my Kids

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