EyeQue’s Kid-Centric Vision Tracker: Insight!

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*articles may contain affiliate links* For this post, I’m partnering with EyeQue to bring you information on their newest product, a kid-centric vision tracker – Insight.

Before I tell you about the latest technology find that’s got me excited, how about a (related) Throwback Thursday teaser? It’s related, I promise! Me. As a kid. With glasses. Oh, mercy.

If you’re wondering why I shared that photo, it’s because thankfully my parents (or maybe a school nurse) detected my need for glasses when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and we started to get it corrected. I wore glasses all the time and now only need them for reading and working at the computer.

Remembering those early visits to the eye doctor, it really wasn’t fun or convenient. While we knew my brother was always going to need glasses, we weren’t sure I always would. Visits were sometimes “do we really need to go”, probably causing a whining stretch to my parents’ wallets. If only we’d had this awesome new vision tracker, Insight back in the day!

EyeQue, makers of the Personal Vision Tracker, announced yesterday their Kickstarter to launch Insight, a “super fun, engaging experience for kids and parents to test their visual acuity” right at home with their mobile phones! As a mom of four kids, this is music to my ears and sunshine to my eyes!

Insight Attached to Phone
Insight, attached to a smartphone

Wait, so I don’t have to drag my six-year-old to the optometrist to see if maybe he needs glasses? Yup! That’s what this means! While Insight from EyeQue is not a replacement for optometrist visits, nor will it create a prescription, it is a way for parents to monitor changes in eyesight (without having to wait for a benefit calendar to roll over) at home. It is the answer to the vision tracking needs of a self-tracking era!

Taking Insight Vision Test
Kids Taking the Insight Vision Test

How Does Insight Work?

I got to see a demonstration of Insight the other day and it looks so fun and easy to use. The device looks like a set of binoculars that attaches to your mobile phone with an elastic band. Kids and adults can both use the tracker (as well as the gamified app), so it’s convenient for the whole family. (Note, the recommended ages are 6 and up based on the ability to follow instructions from Seymour, the fun, animated host of the app.)

PD Test
Mom testing her daughter’s Pupillary Distance (PD) using Insight

Once you set your PD (Pupillary Distance – the distance between your pupils) with a simple in-app test and adjustment to a dial on Insight, Seymour walks your child through a test one eye at a time followed by both eyes, simulating what you’d see on a vision chart from 20 feet away. The longer the test takes, the closer to 20/20 vision you likely have! 

At the end of the test, your child receives a virtual sticker as a reward for taking care of their eyesight. (Actual stickers will also be included with the set – I know my kids are super motivated by stickers!)

Insight Vision Test
Results of Completed Test

If you didn’t know, 20/40 vision means you can see an object at 20 feet away that someone with normal vision (aka 20/20 vision) can see from 40 feet away, hence less than perfect visual acuity. Eye tests at eye doctor’s offices are conducted at 10 or 20 feet distance to determine your visual acuity.

Why should you get the Insight?

Why is this so important and a technology you’ll want to have in your home? As parents, we should promote proactive self-care. Knowing if your child(ren) need glasses or vision correction in a 3-minute at home test with the vision tracker Insight sure can save you a lot of time and hassle. With Insight, you’ll be able to check the accuracy of glasses or contacts as well as track changes in vision over time. To me, this is a no-brainer!

To learn more about Insight or get in on the launch prices for the Kickstarter, please visit EyeQue’s Kickstarter page for EyeQue Insight at kickstarter.com. Retail price for the Insight will be $130 following the project. (There is a low $4.99 annual fee associated with this app.)

Do you worry about your child’s vision? How will Insight help make your life easier? Please comment and share this post if you are as excited about Insight as I am!

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