Vicks #BehindEar Thermometer

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Thanks to Klout Perks, I was sent a Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer to give a try.

#BehindEar from @klout #perks (helping me be Super Mom!)

Let me tell you, taking the kids’ temperatures is never the easiest thing. Evan (Mr. Wiggles!) doesn’t like it much, and neither do his parents. When I read about the Gentle Touch Thermometer, I was excited to hear that this one didn’t go IN the ear but BEHIND it. Huge win for parents. Even better? It only takes one second to get a reading.

#BehindEar in action

Evan loved that feature lots, it was only one second out of his busy day and we immediately had a reading. Well, that’s true if you use it right. One of my complaints about the thermometer is that if you are rushing, you can easily mess up the reading and then have to wait 10 seconds for it to reset. Here’s what you’d see if you did this:

#BehindEar my one complaint...more in blog tomorrow

Oops. So we do it again…and this time ‘lil Man decided to fake being sick, that poor pitiful face.

Faking sick.

The thermometer has another mommy saver. There’s no looking at the pediatrician’s “blue book” to find out if the temperature is okay, mild, or high. The Behind Ear Thermometer tells you by using colors. Green is good, yellow mild, and red a concern. Apparently when Evan faked sick, his temperature went up and we got to see the yellow in action.

Somehow...testing #BehindEar and faking sick resulted in this...

The goal is that you always see this:

How things should look. #BehindEar

Phew. You can also save temperatures to memory (they hold the color, too!). Besides the waiting for the oops and the fact that I haven’t found out how to turn it off without waiting about a minute for it to do it on its own, I absolutely love this thermometer. I just really hope I don’t have to use it any time soon.


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