Twozies and More

*articles may contain affiliate links* We received the toys in this post and video (including Twozies) for this post. 


Last time we went grocery shopping, seven kids accompanied us. The bigs, the twins, and the Twozies that were added to our kids’ collection of blind bag toys. Following Blogger Bash, we got our Box o’ Swag and inside we plenty of surprises for the Bigs, including a 3-pack of Twozies and their pets.

Check out the kids’ video on Twozies, Reactorz, and the pile of Blind Bags they received: 

Both Arianna and Evan love the Twozies, carrying them around like small children (which they are) and fully integrating them into imaginative play. You can pick up your own set of Twozies on Amazon, which has many options for surprise bags and play sets.

There’s even a playground Reactorz Ball!

The Reactorz ball has been a hit, too. It lights up (which is super cool for evening play time); however, it’s gotten into the twins’ hands a few times more than I’d like and they’ve pulled at the rubber that holds the light up ball in. Lesson learned for my Bigs who are always pointing out age recommendations on our toy videos, huh?

blind bags

And the blind bags were full of fun toys that the kids have used just like the Twozies. If your kids aren’t into blind bags, here’s your warning – it can and will happen. Promise.

One of our biggest struggles with small toys is getting the kids to leave them at home when we go places (like shopping). Someone is sure to leave something somewhere. For instance, it took the Bigs 30 minutes (not kidding) to find the Twozies for the photo in this post. I get that the toys are little, but how to do kids lose everything? What tips do you have for helping kids keep toys organized and in a safe place?

Thanks to all the Blogger Bash NYC / Sweet Suite Sponsors for our Box o’ Swag! More to come!

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