Two Great Seasons

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IMG_1432 (Copy)
Me and Greg supporting both of our teams.


Since they’ve now been done for a ‘lil over a week, I can finally talk about it. Greg and I both spent almost every day since April cheering on either the Pirates or the Braves (and many times, both). We had hoped to have been spending the past week as a “House Divided” cheering on our respective / native teams in the NLCS; however, two other teams are warring it out.

The Braves, as typical style, had an amazing run this season with the 2nd best record in the league.

The Pirates, after 20 losing seasons, made absolute magic. We went to one of the first games, and I got chills (and not just because it was way too damn cold to be watching baseball). I knew it was going to be a good season, but never imagined they’d win 94 regular season games, earn a spot in the National League Wild Card (I couldn’t go to sleep that night, giggling like Jordy Mercer / my 9 year-old crimped haired self that loved the Bucs way back then), and make it to the NLDS. Part of me, for some personal reasons, really wanted to stuff some red birds. Our boys put up an amazing fight, one we really should be proud of; however, it wasn’t in the cards this year.

But friends, 2014 is coming. And I would bet some cups of coffee with my favorite creamer that the Black and Gold will not be sitting idle for the months leading up to Bradenton.

Thanks for two beautiful seasons Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves!

As Andrew McCutchen put it in the last post-game interviews, “If  you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived”. I think those are great words of advice – we can all learn from our failures and grow from there. 

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