Twins: 11 Months

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Nope. There is NO WAY the twins are 11 months old. Right?


Oh, Ava and Isla. You are both so beautiful, so full of life and love. You turning 11 months is bittersweet. Mama and Daddy are going to miss the baby stage.

Baby B, let’s start with some fun facts about you. Isla. IJ. Joy Joy. You know your name. And even more, you know NO and how to giggle just right when you’re about to get in trouble.

You’re standing without assistance. This is a bug out because you are the smallest in weight (about 15 pounds). You use your teeth to actually eat. Less milk (boo!) and more things like fruit and crackers. (By the way, you’re getting two more top teeth and haven’t bit Mama in awhile. Thank you!)

As for words…you’ve got your own way of telling us what you want (or don’t like bye Boob!). You think the dogs are kittens but you do know “dow” and “dee” are your buddies. And smart?!?!? For the love!!! You took a stuffed elephant and pointed to your wall ellie and said that. How awesome.

And you love all of us so very much even though you appear to be the most independent of all four kiddos. (You’ve gotten very used to “solitary confinement” for wrestling your sissy!)

And Baby A….our Ava. Gracie. So loving. You are our smiler. A tiny dimple that shows pretty much 24/7. Somehow, we worked together to bring you up to almost 16 pounds! No more 1%ile. You love eating (and always have)…now it’s catching up. I could kiss your tiny baby rolls all day long.

You prefer army crawling and pilates to most other movement, but you aren’t far behind Isla. Speaking of movement, when you get super happy about things, you thrust and giggle. It’s clear you are content!

As for words, you’ve honed in on some favorites (Daddy, Mom, eat) and have a few baby signs that you taught yourself (mostly milk and pouch). You’re a fan of all foods, but get outta your way if there is mama milk or yogurt puffs to be had. “Ing!”, you scream.

Girls. In the last 11 months, you’ve changed and grown so much. What felt like forever waiting for you has turned into a long nap and boom it’s time to plan your 1st birthday party. How?

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