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‘lil Mister Willis (Evan) has been giving us a time when it comes to going to bed. A few weeks ago, we implemented an 8 o’clock bedtime. It helped for a while, but it was really over a month ago and included nights when Mama wasn’t home until after “bedtime” to police it. actually has helped with bedtime this past week. Twigtale is a service that lets parents to select a book written by child development experts to help kids with kid “stuff” (such as transitions) and make it customized to the child and their situation. One of the options is a book about going to sleep. After reviewing the options, I knew this was the one I was going to check out.

Once I selected the book, I was able to print a PDF of photos that I needed Greg to take (or find on our hard drives) that would go into the book. I’ll be honest – this took time and preparation. The photos were cute, but are definitely staged because they weren’t all “handy”. But maybe that’s okay!


Pictures in “hand”, I got on my computer to upload. Be sure your photos are at least 2 MB in size – they don’t print nicely if not. I wasn’t thinking about what this would mean for the upload process. A few “been there done that” tips? Select ONLY the photos you want in the box and upload those. I didn’t do that. Because of that, I give my next tip – be patient as all of these photos upload! It will take some time (unless you have ridiculously high speed ‘net). And finally, don’t put more than 50 photos in an album. I tried this. Twice. Third time, I realized there was a limit (but the site didn’t tell me there was).

Next up was plugging the photos into the pages and editing the text. This was fairly easy, except I missed a few spots where I should have had “he” and left it out – because I didn’t read carefully and was likely multi-tasking. Since the book is written by child development experts, the text is kid-friendly and helps guide them through transitions. All parents really need to do is make it fit their family’s life (such as entering the child’s name and “Mama” or “Daddy” as appropriate). (Huge win for diverse families!)

After the book was done and I reviewed, I added it to my cart. Less than a week later, I had our very own copy of “Evan Goes to Sleep” in my hands!


The service is really cool and unique, but the book has been helpful. We read it (Arianna LOVED it the first time, “Bubby! It’s so cool that there’s a book about YOU!”; Evan was not so sure). It’s helped a bit after the first read, I think ‘lil Man is really getting this bedtime thing. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy, just BETTER.

Twigtale has offered me a code for a reader to get a free book of their own! Enter below, or visit to get your own copy today.

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