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This post was sponsored by Trusst Lingerie and The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions presented here on this post, Trusst Yourself, are 100% my own. 

There is a group of ladies in Pittsburgh that are going to revolutionize the bra for larger busted women. When Sophia Berman and Laura West became tired of the lack of gorgeous, supportive, comfortable bras in larger cup sizes, they decided to do something about it.

Trusst Lingerie was the answer. These ladies (and their team) developed a bra that gets rid of the underwire (and sidewire) and replaces it with a truss that lifts and uses your core to give “the ladies” the support they need.

I was really excited when I heard their story on both their website and KickStarter (which was met in 5 days!), but even more excited to give the bra a try in person. Seriously, I mean, how gorgeous is that bra? There’s no way it can be comfortable, is there?!?!

trusst lingerie
source: Trusst

Well. It is.

And not only is it comfortable, it has me wondering what in the world could be inside the bra that makes it feel this way? While I couldn’t get (or give away) all the details during my recent private fitting with the team, I can tell you that there’s a 3-D construction inside the cups + a longer silhouette work magic with your core to lift the ladies. No more snapping wires or shoulder digging. Just (good) oompf.

Trusst’s Marketing Manager, Laine Mallet, took me through some exercises while wearing the prototype. She had me bend, stretch, reach, and “mall walk”. No slipping, tugging, digging. And I have this sweat thing that simply didn’t happen in the 30 minutes or so that I wore the bra. That’s because the patent-pending design gets even better – the fabric is moisture wicking!

Laine was kind enough to take some “safe for work” photos of me wearing my nursing bra (poor thing gives me zero support) and the Trusst bra. My only wish is that I’d been wearing a tighter t-shirt so you really could see the difference that I felt. 

#beforeandafter with @trusstlingerie // tested out a #bra today that's going to wow my fellow large busted beauties. Thanks for supporting me #trusstyourself ♡
Left = before; right = after

I can’t wait to be like these models and kiss all my ex-bras goodbye (even though as a nursing mom that will be a little while longer – we talked about the pains of nursing bras, so maybe one day I’ll have inspired them to get another prototype in the works?).

trusst lingerie
Source: Trusst

Thank you, Trusst Lingerie, for helping me to understand more about the Trusst Yourself movement. Yes, it’s about your amazing bra and the technology behind it, but I believe it’s so much more. You ladies have something awesome and I’m excited as a Pittsburgh woman in tech to watch you grow.


If you are intrigued, Trusst is taking pre-orders now at with three different styles and price points (but all with the same technology behind them). They’re also blogging about what’s it’s like to live with large breasts (yup) and awesome on social media (#trusstyourself is a good search on Twitter and Instagram).

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