Traditions and Usies

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For the past four years, we’ve made a Christmas Eve tradition to have lunch with my best friend and her husband, aka Aunt Missy and Uncle Tom (slash forever friends of ours).

This year was no different…except that we went from a party of 6 to a party of 8. And we captured proof in an Usie.


When God puts someone in your life not once but twice, it’s quite the blessing. We tend to celebrate those kinds of things around here, you know?

Love, laughs, loads of ketchup, and life were shared around the table at our favorite BBQ place (Tuffs Smokin Grill) that just so happened to be the halfway point between our houses and became our place to lunch.

These are the moments I work so hard for. These are the moments and friendships I am praying that our children will have. These are the people that make me whole.

What traditions do you have that complete YOU? Share…or better yet…let that people involved know how much it means to you. Xoxo

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