Developing an Imagination with Toys

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‘lil Miss A always stuns us with the things she comes up with. You know she has an imaginary friend. They’ve been playing school–wearing backpacks, riding the bus, and playing with her reading cards. She raises babies who need fed and diapered. Her kitchen and restaurant are always busy.

Thinking about it, we haven’t actively shown her how to be imaginative, so I have to attribute it to her toys. The majority of her toys are educational, so she is able to create learning situations without even realizing it.

This Christmas, if you are looking for an idea of what to get the kiddos in your life, there are some great options when it comes to educational toys for kids. Toys that let them pretend (like kitchen play sets, train tracks, and nursery sets) are perfect for toddlers. From my experience, infants are pretty entertained by bright colors and toys that have cause and effect (I push this button, the toy makes a noise).

One of our current favorites is this Stack-A-Sandwich game that allows ‘lil Miss A to work on patterns and “taking our order” in her restaurant. As she grows, she’ll be able to play the games that come along with the set.

Home is a great place to start the learning, so we’re glad we’re able to give our kids great educational toys. What educational toys do you (and/or your children) love? Feel free to share!

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