We’re Taking a Challenge and Need Your Help! #PghToteChallenge

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In celebration of Earth Week, our family is going to be taking on a challenge…the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project’s Tote Bag Challenge!

Using tote bags isn’t something new to us, but it (admittedly) isn’t something we always think about. Sure, we use tote bags to make sure the kids have an adequate stash of diapers, clothes, and snacks during day trips. My lunch bag is always a cooler (no brown bagging here). The problem is, we do not always remember to use our tote bags when we coupon or grocery shop (shh, I know, I know!). We really could benefit from a reward system for using our bags (but even Target’s 5 cents off doesn’t even give us enough oomph to always remember).

Next week, things are going to have to change. The Challenge will ask us to use reusable bags, and for every time we slip, we’ll be giving $1 to the Project to buy totes. That includes carryout, groceries, lunches. We can do this, right?

A few days out from the start of the Challenge, I have some thoughts that I hope we can consciously work around. Like when grocery shopping, there are “green bags” for veggies…but those bags sure aren’t green (unless we take them to the recycle bins for plastic bags)! Or when couponing. A quick run in to a store is going to require some thinking.

Good thing the challenge isn’t about whether we succeed or fail. It’s about whether we stick it out. There are sponsors who are donating bags based on the 11 participants success (awesome). And here is where you come in. We’d like to get friends and family to sponsor us for our participation. Would you consider donating 7 bags (1 for each day) to the Project? How about 14? Let me know by commenting below, and I will gloat share your efforts with our fellow participants.

If you’d like to find out more about the Challenge or the Project, follow on Twitter or “like” on Facebook for more!

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If you are new to ‘lil Burghers and want to know a little bit more about our family and why we joined the Tote Bag Challenge, here you go!

We are the ‘lil Burghers, Mrs. Burgher (a working mama), Mr. Burgher (a Stay at Home Dad and extreme couponer), ‘lil Miss A (our sassy three year old daughter), and ‘lil Man (our one year old son). We are trying to raise our kids to be the best for themselves, our country, and our world. While we do not always think green, we are trying our best and look forward to learning about how we can all do our part.

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