Top Five Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier

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I’ve said it a few times, but using a baby carrier has really changed our lives as twin parents. We’ve tried several different ones and each baby and parent has a favorite.

It’s true that we’re all different, so maybe you are not a baby carrier family and that’s okay. I’m hoping to give parents our reasons to use them – I know I appreciated sage advice as I tried to find the best ones for us. Enjoy!

Please make sure you are aware of baby carrier basics like these from BabyWearing International before you decide to baby wear. xoxo

Top Five Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier

  1. You become hands free. For us, having four kids to be minding to means that it’s all hands on deck. The right carrier will keep you from needing to keep a hand stabilizing baby and leave you with hands to open juice boxes, hold hands crossing the street, and for you moms of multiples – changing the other baby’s diaper!
  2. Bonding. Baby just spent nine months on the inside and feels safest against you. Around the world, many cultures practice babywearing to help baby experience their new life on the outside right with mom or dad. Your voice is calming and your bond strengthens.
  3. Sleepy Dust. I’ve found several times when my babies refused to sleep in their bassinet that is was best to just slip them close to me and let them fall asleep. Then I wasn’t stuck on the couch and could get up and get myself checking things of the to-do list.

    baby carrier
    Ava really loves time with daddy in her baby carrier.
  4. Travel with ease. A double stroller is not always convenient to drag along on our adventures (even with the van). Having a baby carrier gives us more mobility. We’ve done so many things with the babies that I could not imagine with a stroller – exploring trails along the Wisconsin River, Greg taking all four kids around New York City, picking out veggies at local farmers markets, and enjoying a dinner at the winery on our anniversary when the twins were three months old. Thank you, baby carriers!

    wisconsin dells boat tour
    This boat tour was so easy thanks to our carriers!
  5. Safety. Regardless of the type of baby carrier you use, baby is close to you and kept safe from all the things the world brings our way. I’m guilty of stopping the grocery cart and running across the aisle to get something on the other side. How quickly could someone come and run away with the cart if baby were in it? That would never happen if baby was being worn.

If these ideas help you make the choice to baby wear, awesome! There are many different kinds to pick from (go check them out here) and only you will know what is best for you and your ‘lil one. If you’re still unsure, feel free to ask me any questions or check out some of our posts about how we babywear the twins.

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