Top 10 Pregnant Mama Burgher Needs

I pulled together a list of the top 10 things I really, really needed while I was pregnant with Evan. These things are in no order by preference because they seriously were all things I NEEDED. Perhaps you are expecting and can benefit. Perhaps you have also had a child and can relate. Either way, I wanted to remember the things that became my addictions while things like being constantly going (one addiction that led to further exhaustion), shopping (ouchy on the feet, body, and checkbook), and eating too many cookies (babies wouldn’t let me) took a back seat. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer*: I am going to name drop on several products; however, I am not getting any benefit from these reviews. My opinions on these products are based off my personal experiences and purchases of these goods. This is a post I have decided to do on my own without prompting from the companies. They are not sponsoring this blog and have not provided me with products.

1. Preggie Pop Drops These drops were a lifesaver to me during both pregnancies as I suffered from severe and constant nausea. They were easy to carry around in my bag or pocket and actually had a good taste. The raspberry (red) was my favorite. Personally, I picked these up at Motherhood Maternity, but looks like you can pick them up online too.

2. Comfy T-Shirt Any t-shirt would’ve done, but my favorite would have to be this extra soft sleepish shirt, again from Motherhood. As you can see, I was wearing it on my way to the hospital to deliver Evan. I only wore a few maternity pieces while pregnant with Ari, so it was nice to have a few things I really loved this time around.

3. Jeans, Dress Pants Most people are really comfortable in maternity yoga pants, but for me it was the Secret Fit Jeans and dress pants from Motherhood. I rotated two jeans and 3 dress pants through my wardrobe of hand-me-down maternity shirts and frankly felt even more comfy than I felt in sweats, running pants, or yoga attire. This one particular pair even made my “shelf” look smaller, win!
(Me at 34 weeks)

4. Tummy Sleeve With Arianna, I was so sick that I actually lost about 20 pounds while pregnant with her, so I stayed in regular jeans and wore this sleeve nights when I felt the zipper was just too tight.

5. Zofran Without my prescription, I would never have been able to function. While I am not the first person to jump on a medicine bandwagon, this teeny pill really helped me get through my days. Getting rid of the nausea was key. Phew.

6. Popsicles I didn’t really have cravings (except that one night I really, really wanted chicken, waffles, and gravy with Evan and a can of coke with Arianna). Frankly, I couldn’t really eat or drink. Water was extremely heavy on my weak stomach, and I was in the hospital on IVs several times for dehydration. Popsicles became my nutrition of choice.

7. Swimming This was my way of exercise when the summer days were way too hot to walk. It felt so nice to just lay back and let the water support my body. A few weeks before I had Evan, I even got to swim while we were on a visit to Oglebay. My tummy was so heavy with Evan that it felt amazing. Nothing else could relax me like this!

8. Contraction Calculator App My contractions with Evan started 3 weeks (almost to the minute) before I had Evan. Yay for smartphones because this way, Greg didn’t have to worry about keeping track.

9. Boppy’s Total Body Pillow Love my husband dearly, but he is not exactly pillow shaped. 🙂 This body pillow helped me through the sleepless nights, giving tired legs and feet a well deserved break.

10. Friends and Family Through both of my pregnancies, there was nothing more important than my friends and family! I always had someone I could lean on and complain to. 🙂 Thanks!

*Bonus!* One more app I found really useful was the ‘Pregnancy and Medicine Safety’ app on my Droid. There wasn’t much I could take to help out with the sinus issues, colds, and random issues I encountered while pregnant, but this little app saved a call or trip to the doctor.

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