Too Young?

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The other night, my cousins and I got to talking about kids clothing and what is on it. Times have changed! (Note, this conversation was brought up because I have two totes of hand me downs to pass on, sitting in my living room.)

Well, the topic of skulls and crossbones came up, and I showed my irritation that children’s clothing stores sell it for lil ones my son’s age and younger.

Would you believe this is what he wore the next day? Further, would you believe I bought it? Yup. Cute, and Pirate themed. I ignored skull and crossbones future.


Oops. I think he’s still a cutie, even so.

By the way, #LetsGoBucs!

2 thoughts on “Too Young?”

  1. That’s cute tho! I agree some stuff is nasty. And have you noticed advertising? Some stores have the kids look “tough” while some look happy. I’d rather patronize the happy!

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