Tomorrow is Delivery Day!

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Well, everything is officially set up and ready to go, both here at the house and at the hospital. We are set to arrive at 10:00 tomorrow morning in order to get prepped for the c-section, and I couldn’t be happier. My only concern is the scariest part for me, getting the anethesia, will not be in Greg’s presence. When I delivered Ari, my mom was not in the room either. During this ordeal, the orderly almost pushed me off the surgery table and I could feel the needle going into my back and “squishing” around. NOT fun, so you can see why I am scared of this part. When the nurse told me I would be alone, tears started running down my face, but it is what it is.

Greg and I are in the middle of a quiet evening at home–Ari went to my parents’ for the night and they will meet us post-op along with my brother. Unfortunately, due to snow and ice falling across WVA, VA, and NC, the trek north by Greg’s parents has been postponed until tomorrow. They will get to join us at the hospital later in the evening to greet the baby. As for the house? The crib is set up, the playpen ready, and the swing in place. The only thing not set out are diapers…mainly because we do not have any clue if he will need Newborns or 1’s. Frankly, I think I am carrying a huge kid inside me and that we won’t be in 1’s for long. Hopefully the hospital will send along some N’s if he’s smaller than we think because I did not buy one pack for this kiddo. Other than that, everything is more in line than usual. 🙂

With all that said, so much anticipation over the last 8 months finally comes to bear fruit! We found out we were pregnant the night before my cousin’s wedding–it was April 16. A few clues had led us to believe we could be pregnant, so I took a test to be sure so that I wouldn’t do anything I’d regret. Thank goodness I did, because it was definitely positive. With Ari, I took three tests to be sure, but all I needed with this kiddo was one. My body KNOWS it is pregnant.

This leads me to a list of things I will and will not miss about being pregnant, then it’s back to enjoying our last evening as parents of one. 🙂

What I will NOT miss about being pregnant:
* Having to take medicine so as not to be sick 24/7.
* Not being able to pick Arianna up as easily as before
* Not being able to take medicine for a cold
* Missing out on chicken meals
* 3 weeks of contractions
* Having feet in my ribs
* Maternity shirts
* Preggers photos (notice the lack of them LOL)
* Having to drive to work on snow and ice…because now I get out of it for 8 weeks!
* Weird, random medical stuff

What I will miss about being pregnant:
* Arianna and Greg’s kisses for the baby at night
* Maternity jeans (a thrill because I never wore them with Arianna, now I can’t imagine life without them)
* Sleeping or resting just because, hey, I’m with child!
* Feeling the baby move and grow
* Getting out of diaper changes 🙂
* Not having to share the baby 😉 (Just kidding…a little…)
* Random foot rubs and having the truck started for me (hey…this shouldn’t stop!)
* Hearing his heartbeat

Tomorrow, our lives change once again for the better. Three years ago, I felt like I was at the bottom and now I can’t tell you how great life feels. All it took to rescue me was a beautiful little girl and her amazing Daddy. Now we get to share our love with one more amazing addition. Can’t wait to update you all with pictures, details, and Arianna-isms regarding the baby. *Loves!*

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