The Evil Hornworm

For a good 12 minutes, Greg and I stared at the green caterpillar with a slight J to his end. Not really knowing my bugs, I totally trusted Greg that it was a monarch butterfly in the making there on our cherry tomato plant. So much so that I trekked multiple times to get photos of it with my phone before Greg grabbed the big kid camera.

I posted this photo on Instagram, calling him a friend. We headed to the pool for an hour and dint think about him much longer.

Hornworm on Tomato

As I dried off, I happened to check Facebook and saw my Mother-In-Law had some good advice:


Oh shoot. I yelled out to Greg who of course had to come inside and research it himself before he killed the thing. Nope, he wasted a few precious moment in our tomatoes’ existence. That bugger was a Tomato Hornworm. No friend to our tomatoes or peppers. The ‘lil brat had to die a hard death in soapy water, just like we kill the StinkBugs.

Lesson learned, if you see this guy, kill him dead.

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