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Dear First of the Month,

Bite me. Yup, that’s right. I said it. Mrs. Sunshine was not having a good day. It’s not that anything in particular was bad, it’s just not 100% right. Some days I can get over the fact that the ‘lil things aren’t adding up right, but today was not the case.

It started when I woke to realize my FitBit didn’t track my sleep. My body was in bed for 8 hours, but apparently I was not sleeping because I woke up in a fog. Luckily, when I logged into my dashboard, it let me log my sleep hours, and proceeded to tell me my sleep was 88% efficient and that I woke up twice and had 53 minutes of restless sleep, causing 29 sets of restless. Urgh. (PS, have to share with you my FitBit love soon, tomorrow maybe, if I can sleep some tonight.)

Once I broke out of my fog long enough to get to work, I realized remembered that the Keurig was broken and the new one not set to arrive until tomorrow (maybe). Oh, good thing my dad sent some instant coffee home with Greg and I decided to take some to work. Bad thing was I thought I’d top it off with some of the coffee from the break room (which always tastes burnt). Oh, but that was only after I sweated my way upstairs with two packs of soda and a case of water that needed in the fridge before I got to a meeting…that no one else seemed ready to get started. So, back to the coffee. The stuff from Dad was good enough, but adding the burnt stuff just added fuel to the bad day fire.

Settled into my desk, I realized I had wet shoes because I always happen to wear fabric shoes on days it rains. Add that to the fact I was wearing a white shirt that was too big and made me look like I gained 15 pounds. But maybe my hair could redeem the day for me? No. My feather (put in my hair at BlogHer thanks to Windex’s Touch-up booth) busted from my backpack pulling on it and the fact I didn’t dry it and it was raining just did me in. Hot. Mess.

Perhaps my morning snack would make things better? No, my Pastry Crisps went down too fast and I was being tempted by a glorious tray of mini cupcakes that looked like they belonged at a Monsters University premiere party. The torture.

Being the first of the month, my day was full of reports to pull, but I was distracted by too many Post It notes on my desk and my surging inbox. (Email changes I made on phone showed up on my web app, but not in my Outlook inbox. Double work, commence.)

Dear first of the month, definitely bite me.



PS: All of this happened before 10:15 AM. The day did seem to get better thanks to a work lunch of mini sandwiches and one of those mini cupcakes, a Diet Coke, and time with my sweet cousins. Let’s hope tomorrow starts out a ‘lil better. How was YOUR day?


Kinda wish I could have looked like this today, but I didn’t.

2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Oh my. I feel ya. I’m having one of those days today. Not nearly as annoyingly bad, but still. Not good.
    It’ll get better. I promise. Do something for you to force it to be better. If all else fails, have more mini cupcakes. No-fail. 🙂

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