‘Tis the Season

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Tonight, I have to tell you, I have a bit of a heavy heart.

I mean, we had a great day today cleaning our house and organizing our hobby rooms. Meanwhile, many homeless women, men, and children wish they had a house to have to clean.

I got to pick up toys with my daughter. Meanwhile, some moms and dads would give anything to watch their daughters run and play, and probably wouldn’t worry if a few toys were on the floor (like Lynzie‘s parents).

I found my son sleeping because he’d played too hard. But, I can guaran-darn-tee you that Maria would love to see Christian just play just one more day. (PS, can you help her meet her goal of granting 2 kids Wishes through Make-A-Wish? They are oh-so-close to meeting their goal!)

I had my husband help me carry boxes that were just too heavy and put things up in the attic. And a few miles down the road, I am certain that Julie would give anything to have Derek alive today.

We went to dinner where ‘lil Miss A’s burger was accidentally made with cheese, but she brushed it off because she had enough chips and some of my chicken to keep her satisfied. But tonight, over 3 million kids her age went hungry.

After dinner, we went shopping and snuck a peek at some toys and thought ahead to Christmas. For some kids, they will be lucky if they get a toy this holiday season. (So thankful for Toys for Tots and our local favorite radio station for putting on Stuff a Bus to help gather toys for the drive!)

And after that, we went grocery shopping and filled up our fridge, pantry, and overflow area with cereal, produce, diapers, bread, and meat. But the fact that so many families won’t have enough to eat this week puts a weight on my heart. I know I’ve asked before for help with tote bags and raising awareness about the Food Bank, but please remember again to consider putting a few items into the bins for the Fall Food Share while you are doing your weekly shopping trips.

And as I put the groceries in the fridge, I saw two pictures that brought tears to my eyes. One of my cousin T and her family at her wedding less than a year ago. Today, she is 3/4 of the way through her first round of treatments. The other of my little cousin L who was born to another cousin who survived cancer (on the other side of my family). Life is truly a gift, and I never want to forget that.

When we got home, I kissed ‘lil Miss A and snuggled with ‘lil Man, just thinking about how lucky we have it. Sure, our lives aren’t perfect and we know money isn’t everything. We don’t have the best house/neighborhood and certainly aren’t free of our car problems, time management issues, and missing our SC family and friends. But we have each other, family, friends, and faith–so we know we’ve got it made. In a perfect world, I think we would all feel like that…so tonight, I think of those who don’t have the comforts we have and I say prayers that they will all feel a little extra love tonight.

If you or someone you love is hurting, lonely, hungry, sick, or needs love and prayers tonight, know that God is watching you. I know I can’t take every pain away, but God can. Blessings and love.

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