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Enter disclaimer text I was sent a Timolino Tazza mug in exchange for my honest opinions.

It’s a cool, rainy evening here and I’ve had my share of coffee and even tea to get me through the day. Usually as a mom of four I find my hot drinks a bit lukewarm. That’s not the case when I’m drinking from my Timolino Tazza mug as it is designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! This tumbler comes from Timolino’s line of contemporary lifestyle drinkware and lived up to its reputation when I drank from it.

Timolino’s Tazza Mug

What stood out to me about the Tazza from Timolino’s line of tumblers is that they are lightweight, leakproof, and have an ergonomic design for easy carrying. When I first read that about them, I was a little skeptical…but then I accidentally filled my hands a little too full one morning and slipped my mug in my (white) tote bag and had no issues with leaked coffee. Boom!

Here’s what else Timolino shared with me about Tazza, the mug I tried out:

Tazza is available in four festive color ways: candy pink, red, wasabi, and stainless steel. Each color way is made of stainless steel, inside and out, ensuring your mug never absorbs any colors or flavors. Designed with a vacuum insulation, Tazza keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours, allowing you to enjoy your beverage at your leisure.  Should you choose to brew on the go, a removable food-grade silicone strainer basket filters your drink, ensuring a smooth sip every time. Simply drop your tea leaves or fresh coffee grounds inside the basket and pour hot water overtop to begin steeping. Within seconds you’ll have a delicious, hot beverage waiting to be enjoyed. Once you’re finished, the cap disassembles and the strainer basket can be removed for quick and easy clean up.

I’m not a tea drinker, so I haven’t tried steeping tea in the strainer basket, but I think it would be a great place to drop some fruit in with your water, too!


To get the mug ready for my hot coffee, I followed the instructions to put hot water in the mug and let it get to a warm temperature. When the mug had warmed (about 5 minutes), dump the water and add coffee. Truth be told, I don’t have time for this (or the opposite, filling with ice water before adding a cold beverage), so I was a bit disappointed to think that I needed to follow this routine every time I wanted the perfect temperature drink. Turns out, it is worth the time but not 100% necessary. The days I just added my hot coffee straight to the mug then got in the car were still days that I was enjoying a hot coffee 30-40 minutes into my commute.

Pro Tip: These mugs would make any mom happy this mother’s day. You can get one just like mine on Amazon. Pair one up with mom’s favorite hot beverage like k-cups or tea bags…or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

Timolino: Contemporary Lifestyle Drinkware

Timolino offers a few other options of drinkware including:

The NEW Omni Collection – designed to do it all. From hot to cold, coffee to tea, flat water to sparkling soda, Timolino has the bottle to fit your everyday hydration need! Check out their Cruiseline Series ($19.99) for upcoming summer vacation! The entire Omni Collection includes an infuser basket which is perfect for brewing tea on the go!

The Messenger PH+ Bottle –  The circular silicone dots let you spell out names and moods! Plus, the filter creates light alkaline water with ph level of 7.5 – 8.5 to help maintain the acid-balance in your body! Create your own personality with the Messenger Bottle or spell it out for that special person in your life.

If the Timolino line of drinkware sparks your interest, check out more details here or shop now here.

What is your favorite hot or cold drink to get you through your day?

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