Time for a Bath

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Source: Sterlingbooks.com

My ‘lil Burghers love to take baths, but maybe yours do not. Getting dirty is fun, but getting clean isn’t always something they enjoy, right? InTime for a Bath, the bunnies your children may know from Phillis Gershator and David Walker’s Time for a Hug show kids how much fun the activities leading up to and including taking a bath can be.


The storyline of Time for a Bath runs through the four seasons, playing in different environments like mud puddles or summer sunshine causing melty ice cream. (The seasons really make me miss summer on days like we’ve had here in Pittsburgh the past few weeks!) If a ‘lil bunny can have all this fun getting dirty and then cleaning up after, your ‘lil ones sure can, too.


At $9.95 (suggested Retail Value), this book is geared toward kids ages 3-5 (or even a ‘lil above – Arianna’s 6 and giggled through). It is part of Sterling Publishing’s Snuggle Time Stories, books that fit well with bedtime.


You can find more books from author Phillis Gershator and illustrator David Walker by visiting their links, too.



And with this? Mama is off to enjoy a quiet shower while the kids nap and all the other adults are out of the house. Ah!

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