Three Rules of Mommy’s Van

Tonight, while riding in the van, Evan demanded three things. He wanted to drink his iced tea, wanted just the right songs to play, and wanted it not to smell like the tropics. That’s when I told him that there are three rules of Mommy’s Van.

three rules of mommy's van

Three Rules of Mommy’s Van

Rule 1: Mommy is the only one who should be sipping on anything while driving and it is likely going to be coffee. Preferably from a coffee shop, but we’ve got swim lessons to be paid for and bellies that love chicken nuggets and fries. Some mornings, Mommy has to earn her stars or redeem her perks and treat herself as she did in the picture above (taken during a quiet moment in the parking lot before heading to work, mind you).

Rule 2: Mommy is going to be in control of the radio 98% of the time. Unless you want to sing Wildest Dreams to me and make me smile. Then you can demand that song. I much prefer my beloved “Let it Go” to that kiddo version, mind you.

Rule 3: Mommy misses the beach, so this van is going to smell like the tropics like it or not. That’s far better than smelly baby feet (which we can’t figure out other than genetics), soccer cleats, and boy farts. Coconut and pineapple will take me away, and that’s a good thing for you, ‘lil Burghers. Now mind you, if it’s winter you might get a change of pace and smell some red velvet or peppermint, but it’s springtime so in with the warm breeze.

If you can live by these three rules of Mommy’s van, then you can do anything else you want (within the law)…until I expand my rules because you’re making me drink too much coffee! *wink*

What rules do you have in your vehicle that your kiddos can’t stand? 

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