Three Hearts

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“Mama, there are three hearts inside you right now. That is so cool.”

I’ve been told by my daughter that watching her baby siblings grow in my belly is the coolest thing. But to hear her speak truths like the number of hearts that are beating? Melts my heart.
Yes, we are aware of the blessings growing, but to hear the kids be excited/protective/caring about the babies takes it to a whole different level. Gentle reminders like this are what make the aches and pains of growing two ‘lil Burghers at a time a whole lot easier.

And this one, Evan’s sweet creation:


At 28 weeks…the reality that they will soon be big siblings has set in. Is it fair to say I think they are more ready than we are?

One thought on “Three Hearts”

  1. You’re right, the little ones being so excited about being big siblings melts one’s heart! Especially with that picture <3

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