Three Baby Items I Skimped On

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There are three baby items I skimped on while we were preparing to welcome the twins. Of course, I am now kicking myself for not grabbing up more before babies arrived because shopping while on the way home from the hospital or post a doctor’s appointment is oh so fun.

I get it – there are a lot of things that are recommended to have on hand and I should have known better. I swear, I thought I did. Between being a veteran mom and hoarder, we had a lot of things already. Plus, my work friends and family threw me a sprinkle and got me several other must haves for the twins. I just didn’t anticipate the quantity we’d need (without losing our sanity) right.

If I had a do-over in my nesting period, the three baby items I skimped on that would have been better stocked for coming home would have been:

1. Sleep sacks. My mom even gave me a heads up on a deal a few weeks ago. I only bought two. I didn’t realize that Evan’s sleep sacks were made for a baby football player and we still only had two in his baby size. That leaves us with exactly two sleep sacks for keeping the girls in at night – and they are already sweating, wetting, or pooping through them every night.

The benefit of these sacks is that it’s difficult (but not impossible) for baby to get out of these plus it helps keep baby on their back. We’ve been a fan since having Evan and him not cooperating with the “burrito baby swaddle”…see #2.


2. Swaddle Blankets. Related, light-weight swaddle blankets have really come in handy (but again, the pee, poop, spit up, and sweat of the daily life have taken the toll on our stash). We are using them for trips outside, naptime, snuggles, and more. This morning, I got a heads up on a deal from Eleventh Avenue on Captain SillyPants 100% organic cotton swaddle blankets at a super pre-order discount ($9.99 and $18.99 for normal retail price of $19.99 and $34.99, items ship April 30).

Trust me when I say these blankets come in handy. We’ve even been gifted more since having the twins, but we really still could use more. Someone remind me Greg and I are on leave right now and not to go too crazy on this deal?!?!?

swaddle blanket

3. Crib Sheet Protectors. Yes, these exist. They aren’t incredibly easy to find based on my noun of choice, but they are pads that keep the crib dry. As much as I’d like blankets to work, they bunch up and seep through. Trust me on this one.

What did you need more of when bringing baby home? 

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