This Memorial Day

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As we don the red, white, and blue today, I can’t help but think about what Memorial Day really means. It’s a day to remember those who have gone before us in the fight for freedom.

This Memorial Day, I count my blessings that I do not personally know anyone who lost their lives for our country. I’ll share with the kids the importance of this day as I try to tell them what it means. But not knowing anyone we lost is kind of hard to grasp for kids.

So instead, this Memorial Day, I’ll tell them about those we lost over the years. These people who helped shape their Mama into who she is today. Today, we’ll remember their lives and their journeys.

A few that we miss each and every day:

Pappy Jack and Grandma Etta

Pappy Dave and Grandma (Great) June 

George and Marina


Uncle Matt

Uncle Jim

Uncle Byron and Cousin Stan

And for those of you who are remembering someone today, whether it be a veteran or just someone you love, may you feel the arms of love wrapped tightly around you. You are loved today and always. 

A memory.

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