Thirty-one [Weeks]

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Thirty-one has been a pretty amazing number for me.

It’s my current age, the age at which I got pregnant with my 3rd and 4th babies. It’s the age at which I hope to deliver them, but they are technically due 5 days after I turn 32.

It’s my side business. I am an Independent Consultant with Thirty One Gifts, a company that sells gorgeous purses, totes, and home organizing solutions. My first year went well, and I continue to network and meet new people through this business. Additionally, my faith has amplified through the mission as it is tied to Proverbs 31.

It was the cost of Greg, Arianna, and Evan’s haircuts last weekend (to which Arianna yelled to the salon that 31 was my age). And more to share on the haircut!

It’s also how far along in my pregnancy that I am. Thirty-one weeks (plus 2 days). So, an update.

Top: 30 ish weeks with Evan, Bottom: 30+5 with the twins

It’s been hard staying a bit quiet about this pregnancy, but I’ve had my reasons. All in all, it’s been a healthy journey, just what I hoped and prayed for after the sickness and hospital trips and weight loss and gain with Ari and Evan. There have been a few things that keep me from “telling all”, and some of you understand. Also, it’s the third go around for us, and we all know what happens the more kids you have…the less you capture and remember. Regardless, I need to jot down today’s news to be able to look back and laugh…I hope.

My doctor isn’t A doctor. I have 5. They rotate, and since I am a high risk case (twins over 30), consult each other on how things are going. 2 weeks ago, I was told by the doctor I saw that we would schedule a c section at this next visit as long as the babies measured up in my ultrasound. Well, last Thursday was 30+2 and they came in at 30+1 and at an awesome percentile for their gestational age. Great! I can schedule their birthday…be home for Easter…and have them on the week right between Greg’s (31st) birthday and my 32nd (we are 50 weeks apart). Sweet.

Or not. There are 2 male docs at the practice and they want me to go full…full term. Like 40 weeks. Like 9 pound babies. Like ouch. And no scheduling.

Guess which doctor I saw today? One of the guys. Ok…I am laughing about this already. I did get upset after leaving the office and thinking about it….but maybe if they do keep me, I will have the thrill of real labor and that rush to the hospital. (Something I missed with both…Arianna entered the world calmly, 15 hours after my water broke…and Evan had me in Braxton Hicks for 3 weeks but was scheduled.) So, maybe waiting to 40 weeks wouldn’t be awful. I do want them fully baked….but we will see.

Because between now and April 14th, I have:
Weekly Non Stress Tests
Weekly ob appointments
Ultrasounds every 3 weeks (so 2 to 3 more to go)
A few huge work projects to tie up

We will see when these kiddos arrive…if they are like their daddy? Late to the party. Like me? I will deliver on my birthday,  just slightly early. But if wouldn’t go starting a Willis baby pool just yet. These twins are quite comfy and happy at the moment…snuggled up in their 31 week old home that’s measuring 37 weeks (for a single baby). I guess 31 is still a pretty good number.

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