Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 16: Tidbits of Lessons

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This past week, I was blessed with an opportunity to hear the CEO of my company speak at my alma mater AND to hear her predecessor (and father!) speak at the office. I’ve been inspired by the lessons they shared, and wish to share some of those insights with you from my perspective. The words below are my own thoughts based on things they each said, things that rang loud in my ears ,that I connected with. Enjoy.

 When you sit down to listen to a speech and the speaker notes that they don’t really have a speech but are going to talk about what is near and dear to their heart, you know you are in for an earful of good stuff. Passion clearly shows through when people speak like that, and I hope to be able to talk like that someday.

When you work for a company that shares values and passes leadership down from generation to generation, it’s a good thing. Trust me. Listening to these two leaders speak, you could just feel the passion and love they have for what they do. Don’t we all want to work for people like that?

When you invest back in the core, good things happen. This is true in business and in life. I remember my dad preaching about tithing, giving your part, and then blessings happen. Other than faith, I can’t tell you how it works, it just DOES.

When you are in business, you should be able to adapt and change—agile is key. (We live in a rapidly changing world, right? If you’re not willing to change with that, are you willing to be left behind?) Constantly be aware of what’s the best thing to get into (and what’s the right time to get out of it) as well as what your competition is getting into. Upping your game often comes from learning from what others are doing well.

When you are Kodak and you see a threat to your business, are you willing to compete with yourself? This is a great concept for those in business. I even think about this as I blog. I love my followers lots, but we’re a small bunch here. I compete with myself by blogging at some other sites, willing to take the risk that people who follow me as I blog there or there won’t follow me here and my “following” will stay small. But that’s ok, I’m exploring my bounds. How do you guard from creative destruction?

 When you have grand ambitions, you have to work to make them happen…it won’t just fall in your lap.

When you need to make progress, it is caused by change. “Change is caused by experimenting, so don’t get in a rut.” I’ve never gotten anywhere different without trying something new and different. On a bit of a whim, I decided to move to South Carolina to teach. The entire package of decisions wasn’t my best ever life choice, but it brought me to Arianna and Greg. I experimented, I found myself and people (and a place) I love. Every failure of those years was worth the progress I’ve made since.

When you love what you do, it’s sometimes very hard to walk away. Oh, do I know this. Not a day goes by that I miss Green Sea Elementary, my students, my co-workers. But I had to do it, and I found something else I love to do. If you live your life to the fullest, each ending will come with a new beginning that’s worth that walking away.

When you balance family and work, think about the tradeoffs. There’s the career and money, but do you need bigger and fancier? “Recognize happiness.”

 When you think you are better than someone else, you’re wrong. Everyone is able to bring something, a position doesn’t make you better, it makes you different. Personally, I constantly battle with this. There are people who I get compared to, and I am sorry, but I am not them. I am ME. My differences should bring value to the table and shouldn’t be held above or below someone else’s.

When you are having problems, “clarify and confirm”. Greg and I are going to be using this in our communications with each other from now on. I want to be sure that I got what he was saying right, I want to grow, and I want to let him know that what he has to say is valued. I am sure this will lead to less instances of “Oh, I meant for you to wash my white shirt separate from the stained with food coloring dress…”. Just saying.

 When you are faced with change, do something about it and don’t become a dinosaur. Do I even need to elaborate on that wisdom?


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