Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 13: Random Acts of Kindness

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Did you know that today is World Kindness Day? It’s a day to take a little something you know about someone and do something random to show that you appreciate them or care about them. Pretty nifty idea.

Today, we are thankful for people who’ve executed random acts of kindness to us in the past. Specifically, I am thinking about some people who really helped me out when I was pregnant with and first had Arianna.

I was a single mom with not a lot of money (but making literally just enough to not get assistance). In those days, I kept randomly finding the things I needed at the right times. Specifically, a Target gift card in my school mailbox in pretty much the exact amount to get her soy formula to last me until Christmas and a stuffed sheep with cash in the collar stick out big time. People knew a ‘lil something about me and reached out to help. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to say thank you enough to the people who randomly helped me at that time (especially because a lot of the help was anonymous), but I really am thankful for those random acts.

What ways can you execute Random Acts of Kindness today? Did you know that Pittsburgh has an entire team dedicated to spreading kindness across our city (and the world)? We sure do! Go check out to learn more about how you can participate in RAKs!


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