Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 12: Rest

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Hello, internet world. I have been pretty quiet for the past two days, and for good reason. I’ve been getting lots of rest, and for that, I am so thankful.

You see, on Friday, I took a dizzy spell that was way different from the vertigo I occasionally get. Turned out, I have a double ear infection. Saturday, I sort of outdid myself. Greg had dental work in the morning. We taught a coupon class. We went to a friend’s candle party. We visited a new grocery store. We stopped in at our neighbor’s 50th birthday party. We called the kids to say good night. I went to bed, exhausted, by 11:00 PM.

With the exception of visiting the bathroom and switching between Ari’s bed (near the bathroom) and my own bed, I was in bed for 35 hours, finally getting out this morning at 10 AM. I ate my first food then, too. In 35 hours, I’ve drank 1 1/2 bottles of Powerade and that’s all I could hold down. (I normally drink 125 ounces of water at work alone, so you know something’s up.) Apparently, I’m either reacting to my antibiotic or caught a virus on top of my sinus infection turned ear infection. So glad I got a flu shot, huh?

Today, I was still feeling dizzy, hot/cold spells (fighting an off and on 102 degree fever is, a headache, and my stomach muscles are in a lot of pain. Dehydration is probably where I am at, but I’ve been working on forcing liquids today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to my jolly self after all this rest. ‘lil Man acts scared of me (who wouldn’t, though? I look all haggard with puke-crusted hair and a cold cloth to my head) and Arianna tries to be my nurse but doesn’t understand why I can’t help her clean her toy room.

In addition, I’ve met passed my third big goal, but I am not logging it on Lose It until next week if I hold it off–right now I am blaming the sickness.

For those of you who’ve known I’ve been under the weather and have been thinking of me (and Greg, he’s such a trooper!), thank you. I promise to be back to my good ‘ol self soon.


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