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The kids have supplied some cute ‘lil bits of life the past few days (hours?) that have made me laugh. Not enough for a post on their own, but enough to share with you in a blended post. Enjoy, and laugh, laugh out loud!

“Evan’s a destructive baby,” ¬†and “No, you’re getting it off tempo.” (Arianna to Evan while they were “flinking”, parachuting, a blanket.)

“Mama, I can’t sleep. I have an eczema.” I swear, that girl will come up with any excuse not to sleep. She’ll regret it when she’s turning 30, not that I know.

I asked Arianna if it would be okay for me to sell Evan to the monkeys. Her immediate response? “No, I want him around!” So I decided to ask her if it would be okay for her to be sold to the elephants. She had to think about it, but soon said, “No, I want to live here”.

While in the bathroom, “no audience” is Evan’s go-to yell at Arianna.

After today’s nap, Arianna decided to show Evan how to do the kids’ yoga tree. His tree more resembled a tree in a hurricane, but it was a tree nonetheless.

And just now? “Evan got the hand sitizer!” (That boy LOVES to be clean.)

Thanks for keeping our spirits high, kids!

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