Things I Googled in 2016

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2016. So many of us are ready to throw in the towel on this year. I get it, trust me. The last few weeks have been ridiculous around here (and I’m not even factoring in the amount of celebrity deaths). This was the year that I googled things I never imagined I’d need to. I figured it would be intriguing to look back at some of the things I searched online as a testament to how this year has been for us. (Note – some of the things I googled were not so awesome, consider this as you read on.)

How to stop a water heater from leaking. This one was just this week. Luckily I was able to quickly find a how-to guide that I could read to Greg as he rushed to save our pantry from flooding. Related…

What does my home warranty ACTUALLY cover? Because that first one up there has me rethinking having the one we have. We seriously had almost 10 calls this year to our HSA, each one costing us AT LEAST 4 times the deductible when they tell us over and over that it’s supposed to cover all the things. Heh.

What to do when your carbon monoxide detector goes off. Ugh. This was one scary night for us – and I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t know what to do before this night happened. Thank goodness we were able to resolve the issue and get back in the house, even if the fix ended up costing us almost as many k’s as we have kids (and yes, that’s with the help of the home warranty).

How to transfer 401k funds to a new 401kIn line with getting a new job at a new company, I had to think about what to do with the finances I’d been saving from my seven years at the one I started the year working for. What a blessing to be able to search for something like this!

How to handle anaphylactic shock. This was one I googled while Arianna sat in the hospital bed at Children’s, covered in hives and with labored breathing. Who knew that an allergy to pine could have led to one long night and an epi pen.

What does cellulitis look like? Don’t. Just don’t google that one. It’s gross. I’ll tell you that. Last week, Evan got a bump on his finger where a paper cut once was. It grew into a bump / infection and I shared the photo on Facebook. Yuck. After a week of antibiotic, he reports his finger is back to normal color and size, yay!

While we’re at scary kid stuffBlind cord tragedies. Every single day since that horrible day, I look at Ava and whisper prayers of thanks. I still hear her noises and still wince at blind cords, but I’m getting better. She’s got no clue how close that was or how precious she is, but you better believe she’s going to know.

Oh, and that other kid thingschool accident insurance. Evan hit his head at school which was innocent but led to a claim with the school’s insurance. Looking back, I’m glad we did it financially, but the whole process took way longer than the hospital around here liked. Sigh.

And because no child left behind…What does Croup sound like and Are there dangers to recurring croup? As if this week wasn’t hectic enough, Isla caught a cold and woke in the middle of the night with the croupy cough she had in October  (just before I left Greg to solo parent Arianna’s birthday while I was out living the Dreamforce). Of course, she was yelling for Greg, and the fact he was working didn’t help her frustration or the cough. I’m writing this while monitoring Ava for a fever and Isla’s cough, so hopefully morning brings better news and I forget to update this post, eh? Morning update, apparently having it before makes it possible for her coughs to be a little seal like. She woke up full of spirit! Hurrah!

How to change your political party on voter registration. Some harsh things happened in this election and I thought about changing my party. In the end, I didn’t, so if you want to un-friend me for being one of those people, whatever. You don’t know how I voted, but just because I am one of “them” you probably don’t care to hear, either. I didn’t, solely because I refuse to let a word or an affiliation define me. I chose my party originally because of what it stood for. Now, with that said, if the next four years are as crazy as I am prepared for, this may change.

How to Succeed as an Uber Driver. This one has been a blessing to our family. Bringing Uber into our mix has been helpful – a job Greg can do when time permits or when money is tight (like now – we’re trying to get as many drives in as we can, safely).

How to sell Girl Scout Cookies. This is another one that I should have known, but with a motivated girl, I needed to make sure I had all my bases covered. In case you’re wondering, Arianna was a super seller (among the top in Western PA) and will be selling again, starting in January. Resolutions, begone!

Twin First Birthday Party Ideas. I’d never have imagined we’d have twins. Being able to google this and come up with cute ways to celebrate their day was a fun one.

What does a 2006 Dodge Durango engine cost? Because December wasn’t crazy enough, the Durango died in the school driveway when Greg was on his way to Arianna’s Christmas program. Dead. As in getting it towed back home next week to sit until we can either afford another car payment (it’s paid off, of course) or the $ to fix it. Blargh.

Through it all, through it all…it is well. Looking forward to 2017!


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