They Serve Bagels in Heaven

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I received a free review copy of “They Serve Bagels in Heaven” through the Intro NYC Blogger Network for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Irene Weinberg writes the love story of her lifetimes (yes, that “s” is intentional) with husband Saul following his death in a car accident that she survived. The narrative is told through both her voice and his, a collection of the sessions she has with mediums and healers. It is the process of how she comes to live beyond Saul’s death and live out her life purpose…one she determined following a violent death in another lifetime.


So, where do the bagels come into play? Well, I admit that I snatched up the opportunity to read this book because I thought it would be a light-hearted story about how Saul let Irene know all was well and that he was still able to get a bagel in Heaven (that perhaps was a memory of something they shared). This book’s message wasn’t a funny recollection of the crispy yet chewy treats my husband and I enjoy together, yet it was a more serious account of Irene’s healing. And that’s okay if it is something you are looking for. Me, a new mom, kind of struggled through some of the book, yet got the underlying message…bagels, whatever your “thing” is, that filter will be in your Heaven / your soul, whether the living or deceased can take comfort in knowing love can carry on after death.

This read was definitely filled with descriptive narratives and plenty of reasons to believe in something greater. It was moving and beautiful for healing a hurting soul. Recommended for anyone going through the loss of a spouse or anyone needing to be reminded of the power of true love / hope for tomorrow.

You can read more and purchase¬†They Serve Bagels in Heaven¬†on Irene Weinberg’s site,¬†. You’ll also find her on Twitter @bagelsinheaven

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